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Why Saying No to Money is Blocking Your Blessings

I received the message that because I'm a giver, I don't ever like tape. It's hard for me. And the message I received was if someone is offering you money, even if it's gas money, you say, no, no, no, it's okay. Well, you're not just saying no to that person. You're also saying no to your subconscious because what you're telling your subconscious is you don't need it. And so it says, OK, well, I'm good. And then it blocks future blessings that can come in. So be open to receive because when you start not when you start saying, I don't receive, then you'll wonder why it's not coming to you. Yeah. So when you said that, I was like, how do we get the same message? Because I'm good for telling people, no, it's OK. It's OK. Because even because even when a person is in a financial situation that you are and they're trying to do something, you tell them, no, sometimes it makes them feel like, well, damn, I'm money. You know, I'm just trying to stand on my own. Let that person build themselves up because it's a process of them building themselves.

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