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Ride the Wave, Vibe Goddess

You must continue to peruse your goals with passion and zeal. It;s time for you to step into your rightful position.

You are your perfect Boss so be the baddass Boss that you are and start making things move, go and grow.

Money flows to or with you easily. You must have caution on your relationship with money. It wants to be with you but you must

respect it. Giving is in your nature. Respect your hustle and know when to give. Learn to recognize when to not. Everyone isn't meant to receive their blessing from you. You don't have to save the world.

Know that your circle is not meant for everyone. The glow will be real and everyone does not fit into the next phase of your journey. The bittersweet pill is that when you grow, their actions the ones that need to believed of their duty. Stay out of a barrel with crabs. You don't belong that. Not to mention that struggle is not meant for high vibrational beings.

Remember, keep with people who speak love, joy, and positivity into your life that you can learn and grow from and with.

DECK USED - Modern Witch

Cards Pulled

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