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It's All LOVE!

Love! You are love! Receive what you give so freely. It's okay and safe. Be receptive and open. You are already blessed with those who want to shower you with it.

Stop being so hard on yourself. You are not your past or what people may have thought of you or think of you now. You are have to step out of your own way. There are people who want to love you. In order to fully embrace that love, you must show yourself the love you deserve first. Loving yourself will help teach you how you want to be loved.

You need to know that it's okay to treat yourself. You deserve to have a stress free life. You work hard, just remember to play harder.

You are love. Walk in your greatness.

DECK USED: Modern Witch

Card pull order


Ace of Cups


Four of Wands

Four of Swords

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