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A Growing Community of Sisterhood Founded on the Following
Female Friends


Our Mission is to Inspire, empower, and motivate women to manifest and become the best version of themselves. We aspire that with each woman we influence, will influence another.


Each One, Teach One

                                           ~African Proverb

Women Holding Hands

About Us

Pretty Girl Certified was created from necessity. The creator of PGC saw a need for a place for women to come together and bridge the gap between women that has been missing for many years. Dazelle felt that it was overdue time for a mindset shift. Since 2009 she has been putting in efforts to do just that. Learning and becoming rooted in Self Love and empowerment, she decided that was how she could help other women.   At the root of growth that is happiness, gratitude, and having as safe place to be genuinely you. That is what she will guild you through here. Dazelle is what she calls Joy Spreader.

She believes that every day you have a choice.


"If every day you are blessed to rise, CHOOSE JOY!" ~ Dazelle

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